Axxis Portable Toilet

polyportables axxis grey portable toilet door open perspective view


PolyPortables takes pride in listening and learning from our customers. With a team of industry experts, we are excited to deliver what we consider to be a significant innovation to our line of portable restrooms and the industry as a whole. Introducing the Axxis. Featuring revolutionary, self-closing hinges, a heavy-duty rotary latch, deep ambidextrous door pull and a re-engineered door frame.

polyportables axxis grey portable toilet ambidextrous door pull

Ambidextrous Door Pull

polyportables axxis grey portable toilet single jamb frame and new rotary latch

Single Jamb Frame and New Rotary Latch

polyportables axxis grey portable toilet self closing door hinge

Self Closing Hinge System

Colors Available

Choose any of these 17 colors that you like or fits your corporate identity!

What’s Included

  • Rotationally molded plastic skid
  • 60 gallon waste tank with smooth interior and deep sump
  • Bowl with toilet seat and cover
  • Three roll toilet paper holder with rod and padlock
  • Coat / robe hook
  • Stainless steel locking brackets
  • Heavy-duty rotary door latch
  • “Easy Lean” hover handle
  • Choose standard low profile roof (Axxis 1) or higher keystone roof (Axxis 2)
  • Modular, all-common wall construction makes for easy and inexpensive repairs
  • High molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your portable restrooms will continue to look new through years of work


Ambassador Package

Require a flushing system or to wash your hands? Upgrade your portable toilet with ambassador package.





Length1.19 m47"
Width1.09 m43"
Height with standard roof2.27 m89.25"
Height with keystone roof2.34 m92"
Weight77.11 kg170 lbs
Weight with Ambassador Upgrade95.25 kg210 lbs