Turbo Tubes

Tear…Squeeze…Odor’s Gone! Turbo Tubes make quick work of toilet tank odor. The concentrated power of Turbo Tubes handles the toughest odor in seconds. This revolutionary portion control portable restroom deodorizer is available in three strengths (we call them Gears) for use in all seasons and conditions.


  • Moisture Guard package protects against accidental activation
  • Small, lightweight packages mean less freight charges
  • Portioned quantities insure proper use and less waste
  • Turbo Tubes have a long shelf life and are simple to inventory
  • No bulky containers to handle or bottles to fill
  • Earth-friendly and people-safe
polyportables turbo tubes deodorizers


3rd Gear

  • Best for high temperature and heavy traffic
  • 300 services per case
  • 6 bags of 50

2nd Gear

  • Perfect for moderate to higher temperatures and traffic. Excellent for large special events, RV’s, buses and boats
  • 390 Services per case
  • 6 bags of 60

1st Gear

  • Ideal for cool weather and special events. Also recommended for RV’s, buses and boats
  • 480 Services per case
  • 6 bags of 80


  • Cherry
  • Mulberrier
  • Fresher n’ Cleaner

How To Use

Hold tube upright, pinch left hand corner of tube and tear off at the notch. Pour into restroom holding tank filled with 5 gallons of fresh water. Always make sure there is enough water in the tank to cover the bottom. Complete water coverage means better performance from holding tank deodorizers.