Integra Portable Toilet

Wider doors for easy access.

Increased door stability & durability with large “integral-spring” hinged door

polyportables integra grey portable toilet perspective view
polyportables integra grey portable toilet door open perspective view
polyportables integra grey portable toilet door open front view


As the most popular of the PolyStandard units, the single-wall Integra melds the benefits of the ever-popular PolyStandard with a larger integral-spring hinged door. This larger door opening gives Service Technicians easier access to the unit for cleaning, and also allows easier access for end users in bulky clothing, tool belts and hard hats. In addition, the wider door gives the perception that the unit is actually larger than it’s actual 43” x 47” base.

The modular, all-common wall construction makes for easy and inexpensive repairs, while the high molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your units will continue to look new through years of work. Choose the Integra-1 with a standard, low-profile roof line, or the Integra-2 with the higher Keystone top, and from a wide-range of skid options to create look you desire for your portable restroom fleet.

Colors Available

Choose any of these 17 colors that you like or fits your corporate identity!

What’s Included

  • Rotationally molded plastic skid
  • 60 gallon waste tank with smooth interior and deep sump
  • Bowl with toilet seat and cover
  • Dual roll toilet paper holder with rod and padlock
  • Coat / robe hook
  • Wall mirror
  • Standard, low profile roof (Integra 1) or High Keystone roof (Integra 2)
  • High molecular weight material for portable toilet construction


Ambassador Package

Require a flushing system or to wash your hands? Upgrade your portable toilet with ambassador package.





Length1.19 m47"
Width1.09 m43"
Height with standard roof2.27 m89.25"
Height with keystone roof2.34 m92"
Weight73.03 kg161 lbs
Weight with Ambassador Upgrade92.53 kg204 lbs