Graffiti Remover

polyportables graffiti remover cleaner

Good as Gone Graffiti and Vandal Mark Remover

Good as Gone is specifically formulated to remove paints, inks, crayons, lipstick and other marks from road signs, bridge abutments, sidewalks, reflective signs, buses, public buildings, mirrors, lockers, portable restrooms, and wherever graffiti is a problem.


  • Good as Gone may be used on most surfaces: Plastic, brick, glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, ceramics, Formica, terrazzo, enamels, brass, aluminum, steel, chrome, vinyl, painted and many other surfaces
  • Removes most spray paints, crayons, ballpoint inks, finger prints, marker inks, pencil marks, stencil inks, scuff marks, tape residue, printer’s ink, maw buildup, lipsticks, road tar, vandal marks and smudges

How To Use

Power Works is highly concentrated and effective from full strength to dilutions far in excess of 1:175


  • Individual Cans (Net Weight 16.5 oz.)
  • Case of 12 Cans

WipeOut Graffiti & Pencil Mark Eraser Sponge

WipeOut Sponges remove permanent marker, most pencil and pen marks from the walls of your portable restrooms.


  • Powered by innovative micro-bristles – safe to use, no fumes, gloves or chemicals necessary
  • Thoroughly breaks up tough dirt and lifts it way from surfaces with the help of only a little water

How To Use

For best results, use a little water and WIPEOUT unwanted marks with just a little rubbing motion.


WipeOut Sponges are a highly effective cleaning tool. Test first on an inconspicuous spot with light pressure to see if surface may scratch or dull. Not recommended for use on surfaces that are polished/glossy, or on brushed, satin, dark, or faux finish. Do not use with chlorine bleach.


  • Individual Sponges
  • Case of 100