Enhanced Access Unit Portable Toilet

Wheelchair accessible portable toilet

The Enhanced Access Unit (EAU) provides convenient access for persons who prefer a larger portable restroom. Patrons in wheelchairs have successfully used it, though it is not ADA-approved. Thousands are in service, both in the United States and around the world.

polyportables eau grey portable toilet perspective view bigger
polyportables eau grey portable toilet door open perspective view
polyportables eau grey portable toilet door open front view

What’s Included

  • ½” thick polyethylene extrusion floor provides maximum rigidity and near ground-level access
  • 40-gallon waste tank
  • Bowl with toilet seat and cover
  • Dual roll toilet paper holder with rod and padlock
  • Heavy-duty aluminum handrails / grab bar, like those found in many plumbed restrooms
  • Pneumatic door closer, which is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for comfortable, consistent, and predictable access
  • High molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your units will continue to look new through years of work


Double Wall
Vantage portable toilet features a separate interior and exterior wall for added strength.
Made with high molecular weight material, this further increase the unit’s durability and stability of the toilet. The walls are flexible enough to avoid cracking and splitting, while strong enough to withstand impact.
Reinforced interlocking corners and waist-high strap down guides on every corner of the portable toilet gives the vantage model a sturdier construction.
Door Lock
The vantage model also showcase a bolder locking mechanism while maintaining the high endurance quality of the lock and door handle. The latch is rigid and tough at normal pressure and bend if under abuse or emergency situation without the need to break the lock.
Rivet free exterior and smooth finishing of the interior wall and tank makes cleaning the portable toilet a breeze. The toilet bowl sits on the tank deck, which reduces clogged waste lines and splatter from errant users.
8 huge hand holds at the exterior of the portable toilet and coupled with ergonomic design makes moving the toilet around easily even with limited resource.
High keystone roof with extra UV protection to protect user in the toilet and allow maximum light into the portable toilet compared to flat roof counterpart.
Most of the vantage’s components are interchangeable with other models with its modular construction, making it cheaper and easier to repair. What’s more, the material that is used to make the unit has extra UV protection that ensures your portable toilet will continue to look new throughout years of usage, reducing the number of times needed to replace worn out parts. No fading or premature failure due to shortcuts in material buying or molding. We ensure long term quality by controlling the whole process in our own plant.

Colors Available

Choose any of these 17 colors that you like or fits your corporate identity!


Enhanced Access Unit



Length1.55 m61"
Width1.55 m61"
Height2.20 m86.5"
Weight127.01 kg280 lbs